The way we operate

Values and the course of action

Being customer-oriented

Because of the changes and the rapid development in the field, the traditional relationship between the seller and the buyer has gone through changes and we have become customer-oriented. This is not only about our customers, but also about all of our partners: the staff, the co-operation partners, the owners as well as society in general.

Being customer-oriented is an important factor to the business of our co-operation partners and our customers, who will be more satisfied.

Sustainable development

When it comes to the company, the product development, the products, or the customers, the development of our corporation is based on sustainable development. We evaluate on a regular basis, both internally and in co-operation with our co-operation partners, the way our operations affect the environment as well as the way our products and the materials we use last and can be recycled. We have reached the point where we have almost achieved all of this. It is our goal to have these principles connected with the operations of our retailers as well in the future.


It is essential for us that there is mutual trust and respect between our partners. We respect our co-operation partners and act honestly and responsibly towards them. We are committed to the co-operation that we share, and we are interested in our partners and what they do. Not only do we exchange commodities and services, we also share views, deeds, and feelings.

Being productive

Being productive is an important factor to our corporation and our success. When we succeed, it encourages us to do even better. We should remember that being effective is not always about doing more. When we do things in the right way, we come closer to our goals. This is how we co-operate well and get results. In order to be effective, it is important that we produce flawless products and services and that whatever we start doing, we also finish with honour.

The well-being of the staff

Each of us human beings is an individual with feelings, even in the workplace. The way we act in the workplace is based on good manners. We create the foundations for co-operation by respecting each other and listening to each other. It is our differences that make us all so great, and it is our mutual tolerance that makes it easier for us to interact with each other. The respect for an individual has its roots in the manner in which one knows, respects, and manages oneself and one’s life. This is the way one can always give oneself an opportunity to learn, develop, grow, and manage things in the working environment. In order to keep our promise, we have to know our co-workers and ourselves. This is only possible in an open and positive environment, where people are willing and able to talk. We do not point fingers; instead, we solve the problems that we face together. Our corporation is committed to training our staff, and the members of our are committed to developing themselves and their skills to correspond the requirements of the future.