Sliding Systems

More Space and Cosiness with Sliding Systems

By using NIKA Sliding Systems, you will get an all-year terrace, greenhouse, or balcony. The glazing systems will protect you against the snow, the rain, the wind, and the dust. They will also keep the unnecessary noise away from you and give your home some extra space.

The sliding systems are designed so that they are as reliable and easy to use as possible. The profiles are equipped with brush strips that will touch each other when the profiles are closed. This way, the several elements form a united, tight wall.

The NIKA Sliding Systems are always designed on a case-by-case basis and delivered ready-installed. It usually takes a little less than one workday to complete the installation process.

Please, take a look and contact us. Let’s pick a solution that will suit you best.

A Modern, Long-Standing Appearance

The high-quality Finnish sliding systems that we provide are stormproof. Each of the profiles has a brush strip, so when they are closed, they touch each other. This way, the several elements form a united, tight wall that will not clatter in the wind.

Easy to Open and a Lot to Be Opened

The NIKA Sliding Systems have 2- or 4-tracked rails, which allow the panes of glass to be opened widely. The rails are equipped with wind locks so that the wind will not break the system. The double sealing will significantly reduce the harm caused by dust and noise.

Secure Locking

You can lock a NIKA Sliding System on both sides with a NIKA locking system, which is sold as an accessory, so that nobody is accidentally left on the wrong side of the glass panes. The ordinary lock allows the glazing system to be locked inside.

Reliable and Lasting

We provide hardened security glass that meets the German DIN standards as well as the CE requirements set by the European Union. Our aluminium profiles as well as sliding and steering mechanisms are all made of weatherproof materials. Our glazing systems are guaranteed for five years.

Individual Appearance

By polishing the surfaces with various different finishing methods, we can achieve a personal appearance according to your needs. The patterns on the surface will also serve as a screen that will give you more privacy. By adding an intermediate frame to the lower or upper part of the glazing system, we could use a different glass material for the lower part, for instance, so that it would screen you from view.