Terrace Glazing Systems

A Glazed Terrace – A Longer Summer

If you are a very comfort-loving person, you should try a terrace with a glazing system? Invite your friends, too, to spend time with you on the terrace while the rain and the wind stay behind the glass. You can arrange a party without having to be prepared for a bad weather. Just buy a heater and enjoy your terrace throughout the year. Your terrace will turn into a lovely place to meet friends or relax with your thoughts. With the help of our glazing systems, you will finally get the extra space you have always wanted.

It is now easy to get a glazed terrace. Please, take a look at our high-class solutions and contact us.

Easy to Open, Close, and Wash

The NIKA Terrace Glazing Systems are supported from below with the panes of glass sliding easily on wheels and turning one by one against one or both sides of the terrace. It is easy to open and close the panes, and you can even draw them aside completely if you want.

Reliable and Lasting

You can lock a NIKA Terrace Glazing System on both sides with a NIKA Abloy-locking system, which is sold as an accessory, so that nobody is accidentally left on the wrong side of the glass panes.

We provide hardened security glass that meets the German DIN standards as well as the CE requirements set by the European Union. The NIKA Glazing Systems have passed the tests by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland to make sure that the systems are shockproof and tolerate wind pressure and concentrated load. Our aluminium profiles as well as sliding and steering mechanisms are all made of weatherproof materials. Our glazing systems are guaranteed for five years.

Individual Appearance

The NIKA Terrace Glazing Systems are also suitable for terraces with several corners. We are sure your house will like our vertically frameless system.

By polishing the surfaces with various different finishing methods, we can achieve a personal appearance according to your needs. The patterns on the surface will also serve as a screen that will give you more privacy.

Comfortable Isolation

When a normally sealed NIKA Terrace Glazing system is closed, it will reduce the amount of noise, pollen, and air pollution, to which the terrace is normally exposed, and it will also minimize the harm caused by the snow and the rain.