Balcony Glazing Systems

You can create extra space comfortably by sheltering your balcony with a glazing system. This will turn your balcony into a new place to spend your time. The glazing system will protect you against the wind, the rain, and the snow. A tidy balcony is a wonderful place to enjoy your life. The glazing system will also keep the unnecessary noise at a distance by reducing the traffic noise by half. Your balcony will get a new life – and so will you!

Do you feel it is time to have your balcony glazed? The high-class NIKA Balcony Glazing System is the right choice. Please, have a look and contact us. We will give you more information about the glazing process and make an offer for the glazing system that your balcony needs.

Safe, Durable, Easy to Use

The NIKA Balcony Glazing Systems form a vertically frameless sliding system, suitable for both new targets and those requiring renovation.

Easy to Open, Close, and Wash

The NIKA Glazing Systems run on one level. When opening or closing the panes of glass, they will slide along the upper and lower rails. The panes will be opened one at a time against the side wall of the balcony, which will leave the opening fully uncovered and allow you to wash the windows on both sides.

Reliable and Lasting

We provide hardened security glass that meets the German DIN standards as well as the CE requirements set by the European Union. The NIKA Glazing Systems have passed the tests by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland to make sure that the systems are shockproof and tolerate wind pressure and concentrated load. Both our 6- and 8-millimetre panes have passed the tests. Our aluminium profiles as well as sliding and steering mechanisms are all made of weatherproof materials. Our glazing systems are guaranteed for five years.

Individual Appearance

The NIKA Balcony Glazing Systems are also suitable for balconies with several corners because you can easily move the glass panes through the corners. We are sure your house will like our vertically frameless system.

Keeping the Noise Away

When a normally sealed NIKA Balcony Glazing system is closed, it reduces the noise by over 10 decibels, which means that the traffic noise will be reduced by half. In the room behind the balcony, the noise will be reduced by about 25 or 26 decibels.

Saving Energy by Keeping the Heat and the Cold Outside

According to the latest research, one can reduce the energy consumption of a regular flat by an average of 5,9 percent by having the balcony glazed. Our staff will tell you more.

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